Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary has its roots based on African Tradition, culture and religion aimed at brotherhood, sincerity from man to animal

The African has a strong belief in his gods. European Christians brought Christianity into Africa, thus converting many African’s to the worship of Christ. This means that the African must throw away his culture and the belief in the worship of their gods. Some African’s however, decided to stick to their tradition and culture.

One such people can be found in the twin villages of Boabeng/Fiema located North of Nkoranza in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana.

In about 1827 Nana Kwabena Panin, the Chief of Sesedom, a suburb of Boabeng was commissioned by Nana Damoah Kwaku, chief of Boabeng to give a portion of land to the people of Fiema who had then migrated from Kokofu in Ashanti and had traveled all the way to Nkoranza.

Nana Nkoranza manhene at the time asked his son Nana Damoah Kwaku the Chief of Boabeng to give a place to the people of Fiema for settlement. For security reasons, Nana Kwabena panin on the instructions of Nana Damoah Kwaku gave a portion of the land very close to Boabeng to the people of Fiema for settlement and to engage in farming

Before the settlement of the people of Fiema Nana Kwabena Amoah of Boabeng had found the Fetish Daworo, in a mysterious place and circumstances.

The Fetish DAWORO was surrounded by two Mona Monkeys “KWAKUO” and Black and White colobus monkeys “EFOO”. Nana Kwabena amoah brought the Fetish Daworo to the Village of Boabeng and the four Monkeys followed suit.

An oracle was consulted about the relationship between the fetish Daworo and the mysterious monkeys. The Oracle declared that the monkeys were the children of the fetish Daworo. The oracle also declared that the monkeys should not be killed or harmed because they were sacred.

Oracle declared that the monkeys were the children of the fetish Daworo. The oracle also declared that the monkeys should not be killed or harmed because they were sacred.

In 1971 it occurred to Mr. D. K Akowuah a citizen of Boabeng to have this unique place fully protected. At a meeting with the Elders of Boabeng and Fiema. Mr. D.K Akowuah wrote series of letters to the Department of Game and Wildlife for Staffing.

In April, 1975 the Department of Game and Wildlife agreed to the peoples request and Mr. D.K Akowuah was appointed the Officer-in-Charge of Boabeng/Fiema monkey Sanctuary. He worked from April, 1975 to September, 1991. He then resigned and went back to Ghana Education Service.

The ownership of the land as well as the Monkeys rests on Nana Boabeng Hene; all the villages have been added to the sanctuary because they are all occupying parts of Boabeng Stool Land.

Monkeys which die either through accident or naturally are given burial by the Fetish Priest of Daworo. A coffin is provided; the monkey will then be wrapped in a calico before it is put into the coffin for burial.

It is believed that when a group of Black and white colobus Monkeys make an un-usual noise between the hours of 11.00pm to 12 midnight, an elderly person from the Twin-village is going to die.

Annual purification ceremony is performed by the fetish priest of Daworo to pacify the souls of their ancestors and the gods for the up keep of people in the village as well as all the monkeys.

Source: The Late: Mr. D.K Akowua 1994

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Boabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary is one of the renowned tourist site located in the Nkoranza North District of Brong Ahafo. The sanctuary has a well furnished Guest House for the comfort of our guest.

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